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Claudia E. is ETC’s director.

She founded the Center in March of 2014. She brings specialized experience and coaching to students.On any given day, Kouloud (Claudia) Elsayed can find herself in front of a roomful of students from around the world. Each has a goal to learn to speak English. And each of them approaches it with a unique cultural background – and varying familiarity with the language.

Claudia has learned to embrace the challenge that can present. “She takes care of the individual needs of all students even though [they are] all different,” says one of her students. While she carefully covers the basics of grammar and spelling, Claudia has a reputation for making learning comfortable and fun, using real-world conversation and storytelling as teaching tools.

“I have spent my entire career in search of teaching excellence,” says Claudia, who began her career as an instructor at the American Lebanese Institute of English.

During her years in the classroom, she has identified several elements for student success, chief among them cooperation and creating an atmosphere in which students feel acknowledged and respected. The impact of those practices has been obvious and profound.

Claudia E.

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